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a Middle Neolithic archaeological culture (fourth millennium B.C.) in northwestern and western Switzerland and in eastern France. It was named after the village of Cortaillod on the western shore of Lake Neuchâtel.

Settlements of the Cortaillod culture were usually built along lake shores and enclosed by palings. The inhabitants lived in rectangular pile dwellings and were engaged primarily in stock raising and some farming. The Cortaillod culture is characterized by clay hemispherical and sharp-edged goblets, sack-like vessels, and rounded vases with high necks; wooden bowls have also been found. The tools were made of pebbles (polished wedge-shaped axes), flint (end scrapers, knives, arrowheads), and antler (harpoons and axes). Various ornaments (pendants, beads) were made from bone and antler.


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The term 'culture' refers here to the archaeological cultures as single entities, so, for example, the Cortaillod is treated as a whole rather than being divided into the sub- phases of the Cortaillod i.
Four of our selected cultures also have associated dendro dates (Corded Ware n = 73, Cortaillod n = 66, Horgen n = 66 and Pfyn n = 55), which generally provide greater precision for an individual sample than a typical radiocarbon date (mean dendro error = 6.
The cables will be delivered over a five-year period starting from October 2014, and will be manufactured in Nexans cable plants in Breitenbach and Cortaillod, Switzerland.
Manufacture is to happen at the Nexans plants at Breitenbach and Cortaillod in Switzerland.
Tenders are invited for Construction of structural work - Home Preschool - The Carraz - 2016 Cortaillod
Detailed Description of product: The objective of this tender is to award a contract for the implementation of structural work related to the construction of a pre-school and two infant classes on plot 5899 (7286 in mutation) of the cadastre of the municipality of Cortaillod.
These sickles have much in common with those discovered in the middle stages, the older Cortaillod and Pfyn, of the Neolithic in the Alpine region.
The project -- dubbed SpaceCrunch -- will be based out of the Silicon Graphics European Supercomputing Technology Center in Cortaillod, Switzerland and will run through October with the aim of creating a 100 billion compound chemical database, the largest documented database of its kind.
This high-performance and high-efficiency solution, developed at the Nexans facility in Cortaillod (Switzerland), doubles capacity while increasing the cable diameter by only 15 per cent compared to conventional technologies.
The period corresponds to the recent phases of the Chassey culture in the Rhone basin (Beeching 1995), and immediately following in the Po basin (Bagolini & Barfield 1991) and in the Cortaillod culture of the Swiss Plateau, of Haute-Savoie and of Valais (Marguet 1995; Baudais et al.
Under the agreement between Silicon Graphics and EUROPORT-2, the 64- processor POWER CHALLENGEARRAY system at the Silicon Graphics European Supercomputing Technology Center -- located at Silicon Graphics' manufacturing facility in Cortaillod, Switzerland -- will be used as a benchmark and a proof-of-concept platform to demonstrate the performance of parallelized applications in the field of computational chemistry.
The European center at Cortaillod will initially produce the entire IRIS Indigo(TM) RISC PC product family by using designs from Silicon Graphics and components manufactured in countries belonging to the European Community and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA).