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Corts was working on a lot of issues--I guess we wanted to know more about the progress.
School board members oversee two-year colleges as well as the K-12 system and Corts had suggested that a separate board be formed so members could focus more closely on each system.
Riley said in a statement that Corts was a "man of incredible integrity and talent" whose "reputation for honesty and excellence remains unchallenged.
If a company meets qualifications, CORT will buy the used office furniture and lease it back over 36 months or longer.
Working with CORT on the purchase-leaseback program enabled us to invest capital where we get our greatest return, which is from writing software code and developing innovative solutions for advertisers," said Liquidus chief financial officer Ryan Dammeyer.
CORT Software's HRMS solution addresses diverse workforce and complex HR needs of professional sports organizations and others having complicated information-handling requirements.
The Buffalo Bills' decision to use CORT to help manage their HR needs shows that our solution excels where demands for HR are challenging and complex, such as professional sports organizations," said Wendell Roberts, VP of Sales of CORT Software.
The company also announced that it has changed its name to CORT Software (from Cort Directions), and that it has instituted new donation policies for non-profit organizations and new pricing for Native American and minority-owned businesses.
Flaningam has served on the Board of Directors for Warm Springs Ventures, the parent firm of CORT Software, for four years.