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Table 1 lists descriptive statistics on the average final cost overruns in the sample.
A spokesman yesterday said the company had yet to finalise the eventual cost overrun figure, but added that the provision in this year's accounts will be at least pounds 50m, and could be as much as pounds 90m.
Triggering legal battles between the partners and the utilities that commissioned them, the projects have been mired in years of delays and cost overruns.
The claimed cost overrun is roughly half of Grupo Unidos por el Canal's original $3.
The current government "best value technically acceptable" criterion does not take into account the impact of potential project cost overruns on the final cost of a government project.
A one-year delay in the project timeline could lead to a loss in value of a quarter, and both a one-year delay and cost overruns of 10 to 30 per cent, project value would plummet by 43 to 78 per cent.
CRISIL believes that DICVPL's greenfield project will commence commercial production without significant time and cost overruns.
Parties failed to reach an agreement on how the 11 million Euro cost overrun would be shared, at Friday's meeting which was attended by Airbus President Thomas Enders and EADS President Louis Gallios and undersecretaries from client countries: Belgium, Britain, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain and Turkey.
7 million cost overrun was reported in the modernization of Canyon High.
5m of cost overruns on projects in Liverpool and Manchester city centres.
However, if that capability is a key performance parameter for the system to meet operational needs, then realistic cost estimates and developmental schedules must be established to avoid cost overruns and schedule slips.