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a department in eastern France in Burgundy. Area, 8,800 sq km. Population 444,000 (1972). Administrative center, Dijon.

The larger, northwestern part of the territory is occupied by the Langres Plateau, the Côte-d’Or Uplands, and other heights. The Saône River depression is located in the southeastern part of the department. Approximately 18 percent of the population is engaged in agriculture, and 24 percent is employed in industry (1968). Cattle are raised in mountain pastures. There are vine-yards in the foothills of the mountain ridge of the Côte-d’Or. Wheat, sugar beets, and vegetables are cultivated in the lowlands. The industries located in Côte-d’Or include machine building and metalworking (in Dijon), food processing (including the production of Burgundy wines), and woodworking.

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