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cottonseed oil:

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most important of the vegetable fibers, and the plant from which the fiber is harvested. The Cotton Plant

The cotton plant belongs to the genus Gossypium of the family Malvaceae (mallow family).
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Cottonseed Oil


a rich vegetable oil obtained from the seeds of the cotton plant (Gossypium) by pressing or extraction.

The specific component of cottonseed oil is the pigment gossypol, a toxic substance; the gossypol content determines the color and quality of the oil. Unrefined cottonseed oil is a reddish brown liquid, sometimes almost black in color, with a unique odor and bitter taste. Refined cottonseed oil has a straw yellow color.

The chemical composition and properties of cottonseed oil depend on the variety of cotton and the region and conditions of cultivation. Cottonseed oil contains 40–48 percent linoleic acid, 30–35 percent oleic acid, 20–22 percent palmitic acid, up to 2 percent stearic acid, up to 1.3 percent arachidic acid, and 0.3–0.4 percent myristic acid. It has an iodine value of 100–116 and a kinematic viscosity of 66.6 × 10–6 m2/sec at 20°C. Cottonseed oil is used to produce drying oil; refined cottonseed oil is a foodstuff and is used in the production of canned goods, margarine, and shortening.

cottonseed oil

[′kät·ən‚sēd ‚ȯil]
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But fall in demand for both cotton and cotton seed oil cakes put prices under pressure again.
Constant speed performance is conducted at different injection pressure of diesel, cotton seed oil and blends of cotton seed oil- diesel.
Technically, on the NCDEX, cotton seed oil cake is in a bullish trend.
The study points out that quality of cotton seed products is impaired by the presence of a terpenoid compound gossypol, which causes discolouration in cotton seed oil and in egg yolks when cotton seed meal is fed to poultry, reduces availability of lysine in cotton seed protein, and causes toxicity if cotton seed meal is fed in excess to poultry.
For deposit manats, businessmen from China, USA, UK, Switzerland, UAE, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan bought lifting equipment, textiles, cotton seed oil, cotton yarn, wool (karakul, camel and goat), regenerated fiber, totaling about 24 million manats.
A normal monsoon will be good for the output of soybean, cotton, sugarcane and castor seed, plus their by-products such as refined soya oil and cotton seed oil cake.
The production of Cotton Seed Oil in the country was also short which did not play any role to support the prices of Edible Oils in local market.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of 198 Mt Cotton Seed Oil Cake At Military Farm Pimpri For The Period Mar To Dec 2015
Important products of this industry are mustard oil, cotton seed oil, groundnut oil and newly developed sunflower seed oil, safflower seed oil and soyabean oil.
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