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see pumapuma
or cougar
, New World member of the cat family, Puma concolor. Also known as mountain lion, catamount, panther, and painter, it ranges from S British Columbia to the southern tip of South America. The puma is slenderly built, with a lionlike face.
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(Felis concolor, or Puma concolor), also puma or mountain lion, a mammal of the family Felidae. The body length is usually 100–180 cm, the tail length 60-75 cm, and the weight approximately 100 kg. The cougar is brownish yellow, with the upper part of the body somewhat darker than the lower. The chin is almost white, and the tail is dark. The young have dark spots.

The cougar is found in the Americas, from Canada to Patagonia. It usually dwells along the edges of forests and in the mountains; it is occasionally encountered in steppes. The cougar is a nocturnal animal. A litter contains two or three cubs. Cougars are few in number throughout their range, and, in some places, they have been exterminated. They sometimes cause damage to livestock raising and the hunting industry. The hunting of cougars is restricted and, in some regions, forbidden.


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This time, the cougar was spotted by Eugene police officers responding to an unrelated call Sunday around 1 a.
The Cougars will try to extend their win streak and keep their intensity level steady as it hosts Citrus College 5:30 tonight.
If you have healthy populations of cougars or wolves, then you probably have a healthy system on which they're living," says Quigley.
With upwards of 3000 cougars legally shot for sport each year, this means "many more kittens are being orphaned than game officials -- and even hunters -- realize," says Hopkins.
Most people think cougars keep the size of deer herds under control.
Unlike early hunters and ranchers who probably shot cougars on sight and boasted only to neighbors, modern hikers who see a cougar in the wild consider themselves lucky and are more likely to report the sighting to a ranger.
The cougar is one of the strongest and most graceful predators (hunters) on earth.
The cougar plan's sole purpose is to kill as many cougars as possible, as long as the population does not go below the level it was in 1994 when voters banned trophy hunters from using packs of hounds to make it easy to kill cougars.
3 ppg) lead the offense, but it is no surprise the Cougars are still playing well defensively, utilizing their deliberate style.
By 2002, five cougars were proud mothers of at least one litter of kittens.
I wanted to find cougars," Downing said, "and after studying the area's history, I came to believe there were a couple of places isolated enough for a few to survive, but I had to report that I was unable to confirm self-sustaining populations.