Grand Coulee Dam

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Grand Coulee Dam

(ko͞o`lē), 550 ft (168 m) high and 4,173 ft (1,272 m) long, on the Columbia River, N central Wash., NW of Spokane; built 1933–42 as a key unit in the Columbia basin projectColumbia basin project,
central Wash., a multipurpose development of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation providing irrigation, hydroelectric power, and flood control. Its key unit, the Grand Coulee Dam, provides the project with power and pumps the waters of the Columbia River into
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 of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. Grand Coulee Dam, one of the world's largest concrete dams, is used for flood control, river navigation, irrigation, and power production that services the varied manufacturing in the area. The dam has the largest power-producing capacity (6,465 MW) in the United States. The dam impounds Franklin D. Roosevelt Lake, 130 sq mi (337 sq km), which extends to the Canadian border; it is one of the largest reservoirs in the United States. Power generated at the dam is used to pump water into Grand Coulee, a vertical-walled gorge, c.30 mi (48 km) long, carved by the Columbia River through the Columbia Plateau. The coulee, dammed at each end, is used as a reservoir (Banks Lake); it supplies water to more than 500,000 acres (202,343 hectares) on the plateau and acts as a backup against pump and power failures. Franklin D. Roosevelt Lake is part of Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area. Located on the Pacific flyway, a chief north-south migratory route, the area has a great variety of waterfowl and land birds. Grand Coulee (1990 pop. 984) and Coulee Dam (1990 pop. 1,087) were founded by the U.S. government in 1935–36 as construction, operational, and housing bases for the dam.


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The firm's efforts include the Downtown Wenatchee Revitalization Project, shoreline recreation planning and design for all three mid-Columbia PUDs, roadway improvement projects in Winthrop and Oroville, shoreline work in Coulee Dam, several trailheads in the Wenatchee Foothills and the Methow Valley, along with the Johnson Avenue project in Chelan.
Contract Awarded for Perform transformer oil cooler replacements at Grand Coulee Dam.
The plant is designed to safely shutdown in the unlikely event of the failure of Grand Coulee dam and the earthen portions of all downstream dams.
based Coulee Dam Federal Credit Union, building and testing a solid plan was a team effort between the credit union and IT-Lifeline, a Liberty Dam, Wash.
Teck's smelting wastes have been documented throughout the 150-mile reach of the Columbia River between the Canadian border and Grand Coulee Dam.
The field location is approximately five miles north of the town of Wilbur and 10 miles south of the Grand Coulee dam, which the Bureau of Reclamation says is the largest hydropower producer in the United States.
On a similar note, the Grand Coulee Dam was once the world's largest power station.
I vividly remember hunting with three college friends in the winter wheat fields off the Columbia River near Grand Coulee Dam in Washington State.
Including the Left, Pump, Right and Third powerhouses, Grand Coulee Dam is the largest hydropower producer in the United States, with a total generating capacity of 6,809 megawatts.
Among the largest are Bonneville dam, Grand Coulee dam, and Hoover dam.
What makes the process to approval so long and tedious is that no distinction is made between small hydropower projects and large-scale operations such as the Grand Coulee Dam.
For this volume, Bottenberg, an engineer and historian, collects photographs of the Grand Coulee Dam in central Washington, drawing from the National Archives, Washington State Archives, and private collections, including his own and that of a dam worker.