Public housing

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Public housing

Low-cost housing owned, sponsored, or administered by a municipal or other government agency.

public housing

Low-cost housing, owned, sponsored, or administered by a municipal or other governmental agency.
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She spent 10 days in a B& B at Wythenshawe, one of Europe's largest council estates, and added: "The hoodies I spoke to thought I was a toffee-nosed git.
She says she lives on a council estate and that it's tough.
John Horridge, one of her neighbours in nearby Hattersley, said: "She told us she was a Lady but you just don't think a Lady would be living on a council estate.
New council estate plagued by mud IN YARM, where people had moved on to a new council estate they found that there were no roads or footpaths laid.
My local youth club changed my life, it gave me a space to channel my energy and escape from my rough council estate - without it I would never have succeeded in boxing.
A FAMILY from hell who tortured their neighbours with a campaign of intimidation have been given three weeks to leave their council estate.
PARENTS on a Scots council estate have been warned that they may lose their homes if they do not control their tearaway children.
In fact his front garden on the tough Cupfields council estate in Tipton in the Black Country has become a local tourist attraction (pictured top left).
We live on a council estate Ordinary people controlled by fate We can't afford to buy our home And only have an incoming phone
You, however, have been placed in the very fortunate position that you live in the New Deal area and this gives you a tremendous advantage over every other council estate in the city.
She did the right thing defending herself and everyone else who comes from a council estate.
Summary: There are reports that the residents of a council estate in southeast London are considering changing its name in memory of Jade Goody.

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