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a male singing voice in the altoalto,
singing voice the range of which is lower than the soprano by the interval of a fifth. More generally, the term refers to the register in which this voice sings, i.e., the second highest part in a four-part musical texture, and to instruments utilizing this register.
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 range. Singing in this range requires either a special vocal technique called falsetto, or a high extension of the tenortenor,
highest natural male voice. In medieval polyphony, tenor was the name given to the voice that had the cantus firmus, a preexisting melody, often a fragment of plainsong, to which other voices in counterpoint were added.
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 range. Countertenors were required during the Renaissance and Baroque periods when women were not permitted to sing publicly. See also castratocastrato
[Ital.,=castrated], a male singer with an artificially created soprano or alto voice, the result of castration in boyhood. The combination of the larynx of a youth and the chest and lungs of a man produced a powerful voice of great range and unique sound.
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an adult male voice with an alto range
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For his Coventry recita he will be joined by counter tenor Tim Travers-Brown who has just released his debut solo CD.
The soloists will be soprano Elin Manahan Thomas, counter tenor Robin Blaze (pictured), tenor Andrew Kennedy and bass Roderick Williams.
The cast comprises young talent and professional singers with the title role performed by counter tenor James Laing.
Scored for soprano, counter tenor, Choir and Orchestra, Jenny Summerly leads a recreation of the work heard 2 years ago in Jerusalem, Ramallah and Bethlehem sung to Christian, Islamic and Judaeic texts.
Devi also includes South Indian vocalist Pushkala Gopal and American counter tenor Michael Harper.
That startling voice (originally a Castrato) is the counter tenor of Daniel Taylor, our Orpheus who struggles with grief, a Fury-filled underworld and Rapunzel's cast offs to win back Euridice.
Leigh Melrose was a vibrant, personable baritone soloist, while soprano Sarah Leonard and counter tenor Lawrence Zazzo (substituting for a high tenor in the Roasted Swan song) made the most of their limited offerings.
Alan Ewing, singing his equally uninspiring brother Zebul, and Robin Blaze, singing an at times shaky counter tenor role Hamor, fared little better.
WORLD-RENOWNED counter tenor Michael Chance will be meeting up with friends in Warwickshire next week.
And with guests, soprano Catherine Bott and counter tenor James Bowman on the team, it just had to centre on the operas.
Soprano Elizabeth Watts brought an impressive lightness of touch to the proceedings, while counter tenor Simon Baker has a truly amazing voice.
Counter tenor Mark Le Brouq was amusing in his role as the roasting swan, whilebassbaritone Philip Shakesby proved a great asset to the performance.

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