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Fluid flow in opposite directions in adjacent parts of an apparatus, as in a heat exchanger.



a pattern of movement of working liquids or gases in a heat exchanger whereby fluids divided by a wall flow in opposite directions; the heat transfer occurs through the wall. In comparison with other heat-exchanger configurations, such as the parallel-flow and cross-flow types, the average temperature difference between the working fluids in a counterflow exchanger is higher; thus, the same thermal effect can be achieved with a smaller heating surface.

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Scope of work: Study and works for IPCS (permanent counterflow installations) deployment between Toul and Dijon
The concrete, back-to-back counterflow cooling tower will play a critical role in the development of the state-of-the-art RAPID refinery by reducing power use while maintaining optimum plant efficiency for maximum production output.
The large flat surface area and light bulk density of the APET flake, coupled with the counterflow drying air being forced up through the bed of material within the drying hopper, may tend to interfere with the orderly downward mass flow of the material.
8226; High performance, variable speed chillers and cooling towers; the chillers utilize a series counterflow arrangement that helps reduce energy costs
8a, the horizontal velocity at the melt front decreases that may be attributed to the counterflow of a part of the melt near the front.
Counterflow and crossflow induced draft-fiberglass constructed cooling towers with galvanized or stainless-steel component options and standard stainless-steel fasteners.
The experimental test section, being one of the components in an experimental test facility, as shown in Figure 1, consisted of a tube-in-tube heat exchanger in a counterflow configuration.
8-mile) stretch of badly damaged concrete lanes was rebuilt in only two single-roadbed continuous closures (also called "extended closures") totaling 210 hours, using counterflow traffic (opposite direction to the main traffic flow) and 24-hour-per-day construction operations.
Chapter 4 offers a sophisticated reading of the mainstream against which the antinomian counterflow contended.
Given that the amount of heat energy required during production increases with the proportion of RAP in the mix, some of today's plants use double-barrel mixers that retain more heat than traditional counterflow mixers.
Human monocytes were obtained from 3 healthy donors by leukapheresis and counterflow elutriation.
Voluntary widening of fire stairs in other buildings is an item under discussion by experts, not just to help with evacuation but to allow space for the counterflow of emergency responders.