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a special type of offensive, operational or strategic in scope, with the objective of routing an advancing enemy who has been weakened in preceding battles against defending forces.

Unlike the conventional offensive, preparations for the counteroffensive are made in the course of defensive battle. The history of the art of war gives many examples where a counteroffensive grew into a general offensive of all the forces of the defending troops and achieved major strategic objectives. During the Civil War and military intervention of 1918–20 it was in the course of a counteroffensive that the forces of the Red Army routed the counterrevolutionary troops of A. V. Kolchak (1919), N. N. ludenich (1919), and A. I. Denikin (1919) and the army of bourgeois-landowner Poland (1920). During the Great Patriotic War of 1941–45 the outstanding examples of counteroffensives by Soviet troops were the counteroffensives during the battles of Moscow (1941–42), Stalingrad (1942–43), and Kursk (1943). In all these operations the counterofl’ensive ended with the defeat of the enemy, and in each case the Soviet forces switched to a general offensive.


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Yet if anything "failed" in this accumulation of poor leadership judgment calls, it was not Israeli airpower or any other instrument of warfare per se but rather a blend of ill-founded military and civilian decisions at the highest level with respect to the nature and aims of Israel's opponent; initially avowed goals that were unachievable through any mix of military force that the Israeli people and the international community would likely countenance; the ultimate choice of a strategy for pursuing the campaign's objectives; and the government's mismanagement of public expectations as the counteroffensive unfolded.
Israel's strategic challenge requires an effective counteroffensive against already urgent problems that include "international interference in Israel's domestic affairs;" limiting its military option; boycotts, divestment, and sanctions; and travel restrictions out of fear of criminal prosecutions abroad if travel.
The current target of the PR counteroffensive is David Kuo, former special assistant to President Bush in the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives.
THE recent counteroffensive launched against Taliban forces in southern Afghanistan had achieved two-thirds of its goals, Nato said yesterday.
From implications of stealth and counteroffensive practices to passive and active defenses and homeland security issues, AVOIDING THE ABYSS is a 'must' for any college-level reader.
This is how we want to envision the men and women of United Flight 93--their terror distilling into resolution, then being catalyzed into a counteroffensive that defeated the beasts in human form who intended to turn their airliner into a weapon of mass destruction.
The International Home Furnishings Market, which began here early last week and runs officially through midweek, featured a significant counteroffensive, with improved transportation, name entertainment, reports of more moderate pricing for services and a major attitude adjustment signaled by buttons, banners and other campaign paraphernalia with the theme, "Welcome Home.
That trend, along with the prospect of Robert Greenwald's hard-hitting documentary, Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price, reaching into a mass market, pushed Wal-Mart into a counteroffensive.
His counteroffensive against charges that he manipulated intelligence data to jack up the urgency to invade Iraq involved the all-too-familiar combative, blame-shifting speech in front of a made-to-order military audience.
Wal-Mart officials mounted a vigorous counteroffensive, arguing that the garage paid competitive wages and did not need a union.
Richard Bailey saw action at Guadalcanal - the site of the first American counteroffensive against the Japanese 63 years ago.
Newspapers' counteroffensive has employed graphics, lists, tables, timelines, and digests.