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an attack delivered by troops on the defense against an enemy grouping that has driven a wedge in the defense or broken through to its depth.

The counterstrike exhibits the active nature of defense. It is usually carried out to rout the intruding enemy forces and restore the lost operational position. In defensive operations by Soviet forces during the Great Patriotic War of 1941–45 counterstrikes were also carried out to pin significant enemy forces in a certain sector and permit an attack to be directed against them from another sector, to prevent envelopment of the main groupings of friendly defending forces, or to free an encircled grouping.

Counterstrikes are carried out by the forces of second echelons and reserves, strategic units, troops that had not been attacked, and defending troops in the sector where the counterstrike is being delivered. The troops of the counterstrike grouping are supported by aviation, artillery fire, and other means of fire. A successful counterstrike may turn the tide of fighting in favor of the defenders and create favorable conditions for switching to a counteroffensive. An especially brilliant example was the counterstrike of the Fifth Guards Tank Army in the tank battle near Prokhorovka during the battle of Kursk in 1943.

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For now it is sufficient to say that the PLA has developed and is refining a counterstrike doctrine based on classic airpower theory and applied through a growing array of precision-strike weapons.
1530--Amer orders 4th Armored Division to counterstrike to lift the siege of Kuseimah.
COUNTERSTRIKE highlights the incidents with Nidal Hasan, Faisal Shahzad, the USS Cole bombing, and the more recent failed attempts to use ricin.
The VX-3 is an excellent choice for hunting, however for self-defense use the Counterstrike seems to me to be the better choice.
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We have already had the first signals about a possible counterstrike against Borissov from certain circles in SANS, who started commenting that there was corruption in Borissov's Government.
There's also a piece by Riley Harmon, called Counterstrike, where every time people make a kill, a bloodlike substance drips down the wall as a physical manifestation of the game.
The IEF brings together youth from around the world via popular online and PC console games such as CounterStrike, WarCraft and StarCraft - games which allow for both team based and individual tournaments.
Seven of the deaths came as a result of a counterstrike from the AU base.
At the finals of these world championships, FnaticMSI players blazed theirway through the 3D worlds of Counterstrike and World of Warcraft to eventually take the crown.
Taking a lot of its cues from Counterstrike, you have areas to defend, bombs to plant and VIPs to rescue.
An Iranian counterstrike at Israel is seen as likely if Tehran's nuclear installations are attacked.