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country code

(networking, standard)
Originally, a two-letter abbreviation for a particular country (or geographical region), generally used as a top-level domain.

Originally country codes were just for countries; but country codes have been allocated for many areas (mostly islands) that aren't countries, such as Antarctica (aq), Christmas Island (cx) and Saint Pierre et Miquelon (pm).

Country codes are defined in ISO 3166 and are used as the top level domain for Internet hostnames in most countries but hardly ever in the USA (code "us"). ISO 3166 defines short and full english and french names, two- and three-letter codes and a three-digit code for each country.

There are also language codes.

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country code

An Internet top-level domain assigned to a country. A country code is a two-letter suffix such as .us (United States), .ca (Canada) and .de (Germany). For a list of codes, see country codes A-E, country codes F-M and country codes N-Z. For a list of all top-level domains, see Internet domain name. The Pacific island nation of Tuvalu found a unique way to profit from its country code (see .tv).

Computers read Internet addresses from right to left. Thus, on encountering, the message would first be sent to Sweden, since .se is the country code for Sweden. Swedish routers would then send the message to where it will be waiting for Sven the next time he signs on.

Country Codes in Search Engines
Google and Yahoo! have language selection boxes for narrowing searches to particular countries; however, other search engines let you specify the country code. For example, to find websites in France about wine using the AltaVista search engine (, one could type +wine +domain:fr. To do the same in Go (, one would type +wine +site:fr.
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Our message is: Please enjoy yourselves, but please obey the Country Code and respect the commercial activities and domestic privacy of farmers, landowners and other rural-dwellers.
The Ayrshire-born head of Nominet, Willie Black, said the new country code - known as a domain - could come in the form of sco.
The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology released in September 2011 a Public Consultation Paper on the re-delegation of the country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) of Mauritius (i.
The United States is reportedly one of the last developed countries to adopt its own country code domain name.
September 8, 2008 (KAMPALA) -- Ugandan lawmakers have again raised in less than a month the use of Uganda's country code (+256) by a southern Sudan telecommunication company and urged the government to cancel it immediately.
Country code top level domains, the two-letter codes which represent individual countries and territories, should be covered by the same regulations that apply to generic top level domains such as '.