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see prisonprison,
place of confinement for the punishment and rehabilitation of criminals. By the end of the 18th cent. imprisonment was the chief mode of punishment for all but capital crimes.
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What does it mean when you dream about jail?

Dreaming about being in jail usually reflects a sense of restriction one feels in one’s outer life, the limiting of one’s creativity. It could also indicate a sense of guilt or self-criticism. Alternatively, the dreamer may need to “put a lock on” certain actions and behavior. Dreaming about being the jailor is similar, though it shifts the focus to our own agency—we are the ones restricting ourselves.


1. A prison.
2. A building or place for the legal detention of persons.


, gaol
a place for the confinement of persons convicted and sentenced to imprisonment or of persons awaiting trial to whom bail is not granted


Dreaming about jail may make you think that you have done something immoral or illegal, or committed an act that merits punishment. You may also have a fear of being trapped emotionally or physically. If you are the jailer, you may have an unconscious desire to exert control over others or in a particular situation. Either way, this dream suggests that you have obstacles in your life that may not be easy to overcome.
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gt;"Anytime there's a death in custody, we are concerned how it occurred," said Brandon Wood, director of the Texas Commission on Jail Standards, the 16-person state agency responsible for overseeing all of Texas' county jails.
This new method of managing the percentage of time served by those sentenced to county jail better enables us to do our jobs as prosecutors,'' Webb said.
A March 1996 Department of Justice investigation of the Maricopa County Jails in Arizona found that the sheriff's department used stun guns on prisoners while they were confined in restraint chairs, including one case where jail staff used a stun gun against a prisoner's testicles.
MedGuard's franchise model satisfies this desire by giving local health care professionals the opportunity to be the exclusive health care provider for a county jail.
Women were moved to the previously closed Lynwood facility in March from Twin Towers to make more room for men there, following violent clashes in the county jails that left two dead and hundreds injured.
Guards at the Maricopa County Jails have been known to use the stun gun against an inmate "simply to see its effect," the report states.
In 1994, Michigan passed a similar law that will now charge up to $60 a day for room and board in county jails.
County jails the nation's poster jail system for dysfunctionality.
Under the contract, state prisoners who violate their paroles on ``technical issues'' such as weapons possession or associating with felons or gang members are allowed to serve their 60-day to 90-day sentences in county jails.
Under the contract, state prisoners who violate their paroles for ``technical issues'' - such as possessing a weapon or associating with felons or gang members - are allowed to serve their 60- to 90-day sentences in county jails.
But in the midst of recent spate of racial rioting within county jails, Baca has seemingly been less interested in solving problems than in pointing fingers.
Other county jails, including Men's Central Jail and Twin Towers in Los Angeles, were in ``modified'' lockdown - inmates are only allowed out of their cells for medical visits, attorney consultation and court appearances, sheriff's Sgt.