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county, 674 sq mi (1,746 sq km), W central England. WorcesterWorcester
, city (1991 pop. 75,466) and district, Worcestershire, W central England, on the Severn River. The making of porcelain, gloves, and sauces are long-established industries; metal goods and machines are also manufactured. The site became a bishopric c.680.
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 is the county administrative center. Worcestershire is largely hilly country. The Malvern, Cotswold, Clent, and Lickey hills, partially or entirely within the county, are the most important ranges. The area is watered by the Severn and the Avon; the Avon valley is known as the Vale of Evesham. Administratively, the county is divided into the districts of Worcester, Malvern Hills, Wychavon, Redditch, Bromsgrove, and Wyre Forest.

The county became an administrative unit in 1041 after the recovery of MerciaMercia
, one of the kingdoms of Anglo-Saxon England, consisting generally of the region of the Midlands. It was settled by Angles c.500, probably first along the Trent valley.
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 from the Danes and was important in the Middle Ages as a monastic center. The northern part of the historical county, with iron and coal deposits, verges into the industrial Midlands area known as the Black CountryBlack Country,
highly industrialized region, historically mostly in Staffordshire but partly in Worcestershire and Warwickshire, W central England. It includes Dudley, Rowley Regis (see Warley), Tipton, Walsall, Wednesbury, West Bromwich, and Wolverhampton.
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, but the area is now administratively separate. In 1974, Worcestershire was combined with Herefordshire in the nonmetropolitan county of Hereford and Worcester, but in 1998 the counties were again separated.


a county of W central England, formerly (1974--98) part of Hereford and Worcester. Administrative centre: Worcester. Pop.: 549 300 (2003 est.). Area: 1742 sq. km (674 sq. miles)
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200 YEARS AGO: The Provincial Cavalry of this County of Worcester, under the command of the Hon Colonel Cocks, greatly to their honour, have unanimously made a tender of their services to Government to be employed in any part of his majesty's dominions - except the East or West Indies.
in Holden and for The County of Worcester in maintenance at The Westborough District Court, while operating the farm.
200 YEARS AGO: On Saturday the 6th instant an inquisition was taken by J Fidkin, Esq, one of the Coroners for the county of Worcester, at the parish of King's Norton, on the death of John Bate, who being much intoxicated by liquor, and driving a waggon l oaded with coals, with the horses upon the gallop, along the Alcester turnpike rod, was struck down by the shafts of the waggon, and two of the wheels going over him, killed him on the spot.
4 billion awarded in grants for local homeless programs nationwide, Massachusetts' share was the eighth-highest amount, and of all districts statewide, the city and county of Worcester received the second-highest amount, about $5.
200 YEARS AGO: Whereas Richard Hanson, of the Parish of Yardley, in the County of Worcester, Labourer, hath runaway from his wife and family, whereby chargeable to the said Parish.
200 YEARS AGO: Stolen or strayed, late on Monday Night or early on Tuesday Morning the 12th Day of June, 1798, out of a Piece of Ground Belonging to John Mence, of the Unicorn Inn, Redditch, in the Parish of Tardbig, in the County of Worcester, a Dark Ba y Mare, of the Saddle Kind, about 13 Hands high, four years old; she has a black mane and tail, with white on both hind feet, and a Snip of white between her nostrils.