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two successive lines of verse, usually rhymed and of the same metre



in a song or poem, a lyric strophe. In a musical couplet, a self-contained melody covers the lines of one strophe of a poem. With repetition through subsequent lines of the text, the melody may remain unchanged or may be slightly varied. In polyphonic songs based on couplets, the secondary voices may be subject to variations in subsequent verses; in songs with accompaniment, the accompaniment may change. Couplets are frequently begun with a lead-in antiphonal and rounded off by a refrain.

The Russian plural form of “couplet,” kuplety, is the name for a ballad of a jovial, humorous, or satirical type with a recurring refrain. It is found in vaudeville and musical comedy and in the 20th century became a genre of variety-stage song. Outstanding Soviet kuplety performers include V. Ia. Khenkin, B. S. Borisov, and L. O. Utesov.

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Some people may quickly run out of steam when it comes to poetry, but Northern Rail train conductor Graham Parker is always on the right track when delivering on-train announcements in rhyming couplet form.
2209 In the following couplets, "water" is the famous drink that gives life to the living beings:
Here, the parallelism requisite in regulated verse's middle couplets is softened by American English's historical inattention to the convention, but it emerges nonetheless: a gerund, a conceptual noun, a comma, a noun from nature, a verb, and a noun of emotion define both lines in "Feeling the times, blossoms draw tears; / hating separation, birds alarm the heart.
Most of "The Elixir" unfolds as dipped couplets, which seem to trace out a hazy set of vignettes blending travel narrative, visionary meditation, and glimpses of slapstick.
Iftekhar Raghib presented his humourous ghazal which was composed by borrowing a line from each couplet of Ghalib's ghazal "Naqsh Faryadi".
His complete works, Kulliaat, consist of six dewans,containing 13,585 couplets comprising all kinds of poetic forms: ghazal, masnavi, qasida, rubai, mustezaad, satire, et cetera.
Step 3: Teacher speaks about a couplet that is meaningful to them
The most common metrical form is the iambic fifteen-syllable verse in a rhyming couplet.
The promoters say: "Lyrically, Wretch 22 steers away from clichd self-aggrandising boasting and couplets about fame and girls, and instead paints incisive and colourful vignettes of everyday working class city life from the perspective of a young man born and raised on one of the most notorious estates in London.
FROM romantic couplets penned in the 13th century to the story of a ' Banking Babe' who grapples with love on Wall Street, and every topic in between the sheets ( and book covers), there was much on offer at the opening weekend of the Penguin Spring Fever 2011, organised in association with M AIL T ODAY .
COVENTRY CHRISTMAS COUPLETS On the sleigh on Christmas Eve Night, Reindeers pull with all their might, All boys and girls anticipate The next day when they'll celebrate.
Because of the flaw, there were almost four couplets (possibly seasons) between each "Oh" in a cycle that we, or Beckett, have almost created of twelve (possibly months), an almost perfect cyclical pattern--a circle, an Oh, an O, a zero, infinity, ad infinitum.