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a special messenger, esp one carrying diplomatic correspondence


A monospaced typeface originating from the typewriter that is commonly used for letters. It is still considered by many to be the "appropriate" typeface for business correspondence.

 Providing that you have not changed the default
 setting in the Fonts menu for "language examples,"
 this is an example of the Courier font.
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The best way to learn what physicians want in a courier service is to ask them.
Parcel2Go offers access to world courier services from the likes of FedEx and CityLink - reliable couriers that offer collection and delivery services throughout Britain, Europe, and countries across the world.
The courier service, however, is still being offered at the Pakistan Consulate General in Dubai without any interruption.
It was founded by brothers Neil and Paul Havill in 1989, providing same-day delivery services in the Bristol area using light vans, but later expanded into overnight and international courier services for UK customers.
com)-- Zip Courier is now offering five options for Vancouver, Richmond and Delta courier services.
Zip Courier is a fast and professional courier service that provides multiple delivery options for their customers including: within an hour, a few hours, same day and overnight.
The lack of courier service companies which can deliver huge volumes of ID cards in the country had forced Eida to distribute the cards through post offices, the authority said.
Small, large and extra-large consignments can be shipped via the new service, all at the great low prices that Parcel2Go courier services have become known for.
As far as the courier service market is concerned, the major roadblock is the delay in clearance process.
Larson Express specializes in on-demand courier service and short-route pickup and delivery.
Brussels Launches Daylight Courier Service in Europe II-16
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