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a special messenger, esp one carrying diplomatic correspondence


A monospaced typeface originating from the typewriter that is commonly used for letters. It is still considered by many to be the "appropriate" typeface for business correspondence.

 Providing that you have not changed the default
 setting in the Fonts menu for "language examples,"
 this is an example of the Courier font.
References in classic literature ?
The courier looked for a moment at Winterbourne--the latter thought he was smiling--and then, solemnly, with a bow, "As mademoiselle pleases
Ah, happily," said Winterbourne, "the courier stayed at home.
I call myself Montano," cried the strange courier in a voice equally loud and full.
He seems to me much more inexplicable as a brigand even than he was as a courier.
As four of you left the room, you and Miss Harrogate went ahead, talking and laughing; the banker and the courier came behind, speaking sparely and rather low.
He was a strange figure as he stood there, for he had assumed a flapped fantastic hat and swinging baldric and cutlass in his capacity of bandit king, but the bright prosaic tweed of the courier showed through in patches all over him.
I am no more a genuine brigand than I am a genuine courier.
The Innkeeper, hat in hand in the yard, swore to the courier that he was blighted, that he was desolated, that he was profoundly afflicted, that he was the most miserable and unfortunate of beasts, that he had the head of a wooden pig.
Permit the landlord humbly to submit to Monsieur the Courier then, that Monseigneur, ordinarily so gracious, enraged himself without cause.
For then the courier (who himself would have been a foreign gentleman of high mark in the Marshalsea) would present himself to report that all was ready; and then her father's valet would pompously induct him into his travelling-cloak; and then Fanny's maid, and her own maid (who was a weight on Little Dorrit's mind--absolutely made her cry at first, she knew so little what to do with her), would be in attendance; and then her brother's man would complete his master's equipment; and then her father would give his arm to Mrs General, and her uncle would give his to her, and, escorted by the landlord and Inn servants, they would swoop down-stairs.
The two Colorado-based couriers fit our acquisition strategy beautifully," said Advanced Courier Services' President, Steve Hanousek.
The company has already entered into several alliances and joint ventures to develop Internet based kiosks and began acquiring couriers in Minneapolis and Denver markets earlier this year.