Cousin Marriage

Cousin Marriage


one of the obligatory or preferable forms of marriage characteristic of clan and early class societies. There are two basic types of cousin marriage: cross-cousin, or marriage to the daughter of the mother's brother or of the father's sister; and ortho-cousin (parallel-cousin), or marriage to the daughter of the father's brother or of the mother's sister.

Cross-cousin marriage developed with dual organization and was the basic form of marriage in the clan society, since it assured the intermarriage of two exogamous families. With the decay of the clan, cross-cousin marriage was preserved only vestigially.

Ortho-cousin marriage developed at the same time and often became the preferred type, particularly the marriage to the daughter of the father's brother, which was common among the Arabs, Malagasy, part of the Bantu, and some of the peoples of Dagestan and Middle Asia. Marriage to the daughter of the mother's sister (as among the Tuareg) was less common. Because the ortho-cousin marriage allowed the retention of the property within the large family or other closely related group, it often became the preferable form of marriage.


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MULTAN -- Thalassemia, an inherited blood disorder, is on the rise in South Punjab owing to cousin marriage which can be prevented by undergoing pre-marital test.
It occurs among children born out of cousin marriage.
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However, it follows studies by Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HD), which regularly publishes cousin marriage rates among Emiratis in its Communicable Diseases Bulletin, amid concern that it may be contribA[degrees]uting to blood cell disorders.
What contemporary gesture is he juxtaposing with the van Eyck -- a naughty wink at cousin marriage, or at transgenders?
Whether it is a tribal marriage, cousin marriage or marriage to a foreigner, it should not be forced upon someone or obstructed with the belief that this will prevent marital problems in the future.
I'm living evidence that cousin marriage doesn't work," said Salma, a Sudanese woman living in Qatar who was in the audience and spoke during the question and answer period.
Aside from areas like Bradford, where there's a high level of cousin marriage in the Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities, and the isolated Orkney Islands, Jones says "scarcely at all.
For example, marriages that we likely consider incestuous but others don't include marriage between first cousins, especially patrilateral parallel cousin marriage (where the children of two brothers marry) seen in some parts of the Middle East and Africa.
Cousin marriage was still extremely popular during the first half of the nineteenth century, and, as such, was reflected in many Victorian works of fiction.
Ahmad Teebi, MD, professor of pediatrics and genetic medicine at WCMC-Qand an internationally renowned expert on genetics and genetic disorders, discussed cousin marriage at a public lecture at Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar.
Avoiding cousin marriage will result in a real reduction of the frequency of birth defects and genetic diseases in general," Dr.