Covenant of the Goddess

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Covenant of the Goddess

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Formed in 1975 and based in Berkeley, California, COG is a non-profit federation working to gain recognition for Wicca as a religion. It includes a number of autonomous covens of various traditions, together with solitaries, working to end the harassment and continued persecution of the old Religion. It has members in nearly twenty states.

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Magically, there will be a lot of energy happening,'' said Pat Devin, a Van Nuys resident and public information officer for Covenant of the Goddess, one of the largest Wiccan organizations in the country.
Pat Devin of Covenant of the Goddess, one of the country's largest Wiccan organizations, added: ``It's going to be a very charged time.
Project consultant Pat Devin of Van Nuys, who contributed authentic-sounding chants to ``The Craft,'' is a first officer with the Southern California local council of the Covenant of the Goddess, a branch of the Wiccan religion.

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