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overall, overall dimension

A total outer dimension of a building material, including any projection, such as a tongue.
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New coveralls made from a cotton fabric treated with flame retardant were released in late 2013, but they were declared too hot by sailors, according to Lt.
The initial conclusions are very encouraging; however a proposed extended field evaluation will provide additional performance data and insight to a potential reduction of life cycle costs through the use of laundering the coveralls.
The coveralls are recycled, which is good for the environment-and they're inexpensive to buy because they're used, Fager says.
Woods first thought about making coveralls for women about 15 years ago, when she first started going underground as part of her job with a mining supply company.
I only wear these coveralls for hunting, and these still had the scent of last year's buck on them; a good omen.
To meet these varied requirements, we offer a wide range of protective coveralls, lab coats and accessories that cover a broad spectrum of robustness and protection; from general purpose designs for light duty work to more advanced models with specialist features for more hazardous conditions.
So if you feel a little tug on the back of your coveralls at the end of the mission, reach back and make sure the safety pin is pushed in all the way.
According to the company, Kimtech Pure A5 (non-sterile) Coveralls are a high-quality, affordable solution for many cleanroom needs.
The coveralls slip over and zip on to the entire All-Game suit, allowing you to match the suit to the terrain.
00 firm fixed price contract for combat vehicle crewman's tan coveralls.
These initiatives include NOMEX uniforms for Soldiers in convoy operations, flame-resistant coveralls for Soldiers operating combat vehicles, a fire-resistant combat shirt to be worn under the interceptor body armor, and a fire-resistant Army combat uniform (ACU).