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FLAT-FOOTED Motherwell simply had no answer to the vim and vigour of Caley Thistle's forward- thinking Foran, Cox, Ross, Rooney and Sutherland.
She used the Cox, Ross, and Rubinstein's (1979) Binomial Option Pricing model (BOP) to estimate the contract valuation.
Kolb dating from 1991 to 2007, or the groundbreaking papers and publications written by John Cox, Stephen Ross, and Mark Rubinstein beginning in 1976 on the topic of binomial options and discrete time probabilities (Cox and Ross, 1976; Cox, Ross, and Rubinstein, 1979; Cox and Rubinstein, 1985).
On the scoresheet were Anthony Cox, Ross Harris, Grant Joshua and John Willetts.
Black-Scholes, Cox, Ross, Rubinstein and many other option pricing functions are supported natively, while firm and product specific pricing functions can be integrated through the use of VBA or Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) - based DLL's.