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The rise of energy costs has created strong demand for clean cullet by the container manufacturers who are working to maintain their profit margins," Tom Riek, CEO of CRA, says.
The Board has considered carefully all the facts of record, including data reported by Associated under the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act ("HMDA"), (13) reports of examination of the CRA performance records of the subsidiary banks of Associated and State Financial, (14) other information provided by Associated, confidential supervisory information, and public comment received on the proposal.
CRA regional administrator Leslie Lambert said the agency now ``basically is in a holding pattern,'' adding it intends to defer to the councilman over the future of the property.
And, under new considerations or changing conditions, NRSRO status previously granted to a CRA is subject to change.
However, in Canada the CRA holds the power to strip all charities, including churches, of this privilege.
Consolidation in the banking, securities and financial services sector is bringing lenders' CRA performance under closer scrutiny.
In 1991, Congress amended the CRA to also allow compensatory and punitive damages, effective Nov.
Banks and their congressional advocates have long argued that CRA compliance puts a costly burden on small banks.
Founded in 1965, CRA International is a leading provider of economic and financial expertise and management consulting services.
I will make sure, if we purchase this, no one will make a profit on the CRA.
The Board has carefully considered the convenience and needs factor and the CRA performance record of Juniper Bank in light of all the facts of record, including public comments received on the proposal.
Community Capital Management's previous name, CRAFund Advisors, was based on its $725-million flagship mutual fund, the CRA Qualified Investment Fund, which is comprised of bonds that meet federal banking agencies' guidelines as "qualified investments" under the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA).