Cranbrook Educational Community

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Cranbrook Educational Community,

at Bloomfield Hills, Mich.; est. and endowed by George G. and Ellen Scripps Booth in 1927. It includes the Cranbrook Academy of Art, with graduate programs in fine arts and architecture and a noted art museum; Cranbrook Institute of Science, a natural history and science museum; Brookside Lower School (coeducational); Cranbrook Kingswood Middle School (combining Cranbrook School [1927] and Kingswood School [1931], with separate programs for boys and girls); and Cranbrook Kingswood Upper School (coeducational). Most of the buildings were designed by Eliel SaarinenSaarinen, Eliel
, 1873–1950, Finnish-American architect and city planner, resident of the United States after 1923. In Finland, Saarinen's most celebrated building was the railway station in Helsinki.
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. Many statues by Carl MillesMilles, Carl
, 1875–1955, Swedish-American sculptor, whose name originally was Carl Emil Wilhelm Anderson. Influenced by Rodin, he studied in Paris from 1897 until 1904, when he returned to Stockholm.
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 are also there. Saarinen's work has been partially restored and respectfully added to in an extensive building program begun in mid-1980s.
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Consequently, he furnished innumerable outstanding examples of Indian art to more than a dozen major museums, including the Southwest Museum, Detroit Institute of Arts, Cranbrook Institute of Science, Chicago Field Museum, Denver Art Museum, and the National Museum of the American Indian.
Restoration work commenced at the Cranbrook Institute of Science in 2013.
2 April 2014 -- US-based bank holding company The PNC Financial Services Group Inc's (NYSE: PNC) said it will present National Geographic's "Women of Vision: National Geographic Photographers on Assignment" photo exhibition September 14 through December 30 at the Cranbrook Institute of Science in Bloomfield Hills Michigan.
It also integrates work from the collections of the Cranbrook Institute of Science and the Cranbrook Center for Collections and Research.
Zawiskie, Cranbrook Institute of Science, Bloomfield Hills MI
Founded in 2006, Ingenex clients include OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, West System, Cranbrook Institute of Science, Weber's Boutique Hotel, Emerson School, Credit Union One, and Inforum Michigan.
Rob Mies, co-founder and director of the Organization for Bat Conservation's BatZone at the Cranbrook Institute of Science
He also designed and fabricated exhibits and provided architectural drawings and models for the Cranbrook Institute of Science in Michigan, where he was in charge of the exhibit department.
Bloomfield Hills (Detroit area), Michigan May 23 to September 7, 1998 Cranbrook Institute of Science
Remarks: five field seasons (1983-1987) were conducted at this site under the sponsorship of Cranbrook Institute of Science (CIS), Oakland Community College (Highland Lakes Campus), and Wayne State University.
He is also a member of the Board of Governors of the Cranbrook Institute of Science.
He serves on the board of the Cranbrook Institute of Science in Michigan and was a director for the TXU Corporation in Dallas, Texas.