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The cranial vault contains three main components: The brain occupies 80% of the space, and blood and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) each occupy 10%.
Because of the considerably lower rate of full spinal cord removal than cranial vault examination in all of the autopsy cases, the autopsy series included few cases with well-documented subdural or epidural disease at spinal cord levels.
These data can only be interpreted very cautiously, as there are multiple limitations to drawing any conclusions, including the minimal sample sizes and the contributions of both genes and environment to cranial vault size and shape.
While Howells notes that the upper face is important, he by no means states that the cranial vault is unimportant.
Contract notice: Supply of cranial vault bone prostheses and nets for hernia, hernia meshes for ventral and inguinal, sterile covers, drains abdominal stent grafts for the treatment of aneurysms, embolectomy catheters.
Since 1953, GCRG has been reported in many other sites, including the axial skeleton and long bones, (2) the hands and feet, (3) the facial bones, (4) the cranial vault, (5) the sphenoid and ethmoid bones, (6-8) the orbit, (9) and the nose.
Two cases of cerebral salt wasting syndrome developing after cranial vault remodeling in craniosynostosis children.
However, although rare, it is important to recognize perineural tumor extension along the trigeminal nerve into the cranial vault in the differential diagnosis of a unilateral head and neck mass.
There are many - at least 90 - fine cut marks on the outer surface of the cranial vault, concentrated mainly on the parietal bones and the right temporal bone [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 4 & 6 OMITTED].