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The LIVALL Nano Cadence Sensor easily plugs into a bike's crankset.
Instead of going on to a traditional graduate business school, he has entered into a formal contract with Denver Entrepreneur Chuck Blakeman, to pay $25,000 to work for one of his companies, Crankset Group, for 12 months.
MIRANDA, a premier supplier for the bicycle industry, has announced today the launch of their revolutionary INFINIUM(TM) crankset, introducing their ChainFLOW(TM) technology, with its unconventional tooth profile, to the market.
You don't hire a boiler technician by sitting across the table from them and looking at their resume," says Chuck Blakeman, founder of the small-business consulting firm Crankset Group and author of Why Employees Are Always a Bad Idea.
Custom SRAM S-1250 XC Trail double crankset with PF30 spindle for improved ground clearance and a custom alloy guard for chain retention during high-speed descents.
George Street is now paved, and riders have double- and triple crankset options to tackle the 500 foot ascent.
He rolled up so many miles that he wore out the crankset bearings and had to replace them.
Carbon fiber is also used for the wheels and the crankset.
In 2004 both Avid[R] and Truvativ[R] were acquired, adding disc brake technology and crankset proficiency to its line.
Hazard: The left end of the bicycle crankset spindle can break, posing a fall hazard to the rider.
The Grand Cherokee Limited also features Shimano XTR Rapid Rise derailleurs and shifters, a Shimano DH 4-arm crankset and a dual crown adjustable fork.
Mountain Biking editors cited the model's lightweight Cannondale CAAD3 aluminum frame, CODA pedals and crankset, and proprietary HeadShok front suspension fork as factors in selecting the F1000 as their top bicycle for 1997.