Greece: see LamíaLamía
, city (1991 pop. 44,084), capital of Fthiótis prefecture, E central Greece. It is a transportation hub and an agricultural center. Founded about the 5th cent. B.C., it was the chief city of the small region of Malis and developed as an ally of Athens.
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In his previous outing, back in September of last year, he had one of today's rivals Room To Room Gold (recent winner of a bumper here) behind when third to Crannon Lad in a Downpatrick bumper.
Corrib Supreme, a 10-1 shot, was beaten one length and two lengths by Stashedaway and Crannon Lad.
This thesis is convincingly supported by the evidence, from Urnfield times onwards, by models as the Kesselwagen and their congeners such as the famous Trundholm wheeled sun-disc and late in the story, the rain-making rites at Crannon in Thessaly, depicted on coins of the 4th century BC and by a long description (given here in full translation) a century later.