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industrial city (1990 pop. 76,060), Providence co., central R.I., a residential suburb of Providence; inc. as a town 1754, as a city 1910. Its manufactures include machinery, plastics, rubber products, and chemicals. The city was named for Samuel Cranston, a colonial governor of Rhode Island. In the 19th cent., Cranston was an important textile center. The Friends Meeting House (1729) and several pre-Revolutionary buildings still stand.



a city in the northeastern USA, in New England, in the state of Rhode Island. An industrial suburb of Providence. Population, 73,000 (1970). Cranston is one of the oldest centers of the American textile industry. It has a metalworking industry and produces industrial equipment. The city was founded in the first half of the 17th century.

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Cranston, who competes for the Greyhounds Track and Field Club and is coached by Dave McDonald, set the BC Provincial 45-50 Weight Throw record by throwing the 35 pound implement 29 feet at the BC Athletics Association sanctioned event.
Cranston serves as Chair of the Company's newly formed Governance and Compensation Committee.
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That possibility should terrify all of us," said Cranston, director of business and product development at the Mountain West Credit Union Association, which represents 132 credit unions in Arizona, Colorado and Wyoming.
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The mission will end in London on May 5 with a run that takes Cranston to the house of James Parkinson, the man who first described the disease in the early 1800s.
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The other is that the ruthless criminal portrayed by Cranston wears smoked specs to try to conceal the fact that his eyes are going.
Winner Cranston beat Joshua Mordue (Brighouse Sports) 21-16 while runner-up Jacques edged out Meltham's Nathan Haigh 21-18 in the last four.
We have to appeal for the students of Cranston High School West, and we have to appeal for our humanity," said student David Sears Jr.
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