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(Cray, Inc., Seattle, WA, A supercomputer manufacturer founded in 1972 as Cray Research, Inc., by Seymour Cray, a leading designer of large-scale computers at Control Data. In 1976, it shipped its first computer to Los Alamos National Laboratory. The CRAY-1 was a 75 MHz, 64-bit machine with a peak speed of 160 megaFLOPS, making it the world's fastest vector processor.

Over the years the company has introduced numerous models of entry-level to high-end supercomputers including the X-MP, Y-MP, C90, T90, J90, T3E, SV1, SV2 and MTA series. All Unix based, they are used for many different industrial, technical and commercial applications.

In 1989, Seymour Cray left his company to found Cray Computer Corporation, which closed six years later. In 1996, Cray Research was acquired by Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI). In 2000, Tera Computer Company acquired the vector processor technology from SGI and changed its name to Cray, Inc. The company's latest high-performance computing systems are microprocessor based and use x86 chips from AMD and Intel.

Seymour Cray
Cray became famous for his supercomputers, and his passion for high-speed computing led to many innovative designs. Cray died in 1996 at the age of 71, due to injuries in an automobile accident. (Image courtesy of Cray Research, Inc.)

The Cray 1
In the late 1970s, the Cray 1 became synonymous with high-speed computing. It was often photographed for "space-age" computer shots because of its science fiction silhouette. (Image courtesy of Cray Research, Inc.)

The Cray T90
In this world of look-alike boxes, the machines that Cray has built are sure standouts. (Image courtesy of Cray Research, Inc.)
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The Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) will operate one of the largest numerical weather forecasting systems in the world when it upgrades later this year to a Cray X1E supercomputer with peak performance of more than 16 teraflops.
based National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) has ordered four Cray Research high performance computing systems, including a 64-processor CRAY T3D massively parallel processing (MPP) system, a CRAY Y-MP8I supercomputer, and two CRAY EL92 deskside supercomputing systems.
NCSI, as systems integrator and computing facilities manager for the AHPCRC, will operate the AHPCRC's Cray X1 systems.
In a July 1994 product review, Advanced Systems magazine's test lab gave the current CRAY EL94 system a nine-out-of-10 overall rating, earning it the publication's "Best Product" award.
Meeting this challenge will require an extremely strong engineering team, with the creativity to invent new HPC solutions and the experience to deliver them," said Steve Scott, Cray Chief Technology Officer.
CONTACT: Mardi Larson, Media, 612-683-3538; or Brad Allen, Financial, 612-683-7395; both of Cray Research/
The Cray T3E series is the world's most powerful supercomputer, representing 24 of the top 50 systems on the most recent Top 500 list - an independent ranking of the world's most powerful supercomputers (www.
CONTACT: Mardi Larson, Media, 612-683-3538, or Brad Allen, Financial, 612-683-7359, both of Cray Research/
Price/performance -- A system rated at 16 GFLOPS for under $6 million, positions Cray Computer to capture the Best-In-Class price/performance prize.
Although this test does not measure a supercomputer's actual performance, the Top500 list is used for tracking high-level market share and product trends," said Cray Inc.
Cray lost money last year, but customers placed orders in record amounts after it introduced new machines.
As a global leader in supercomputing, Cray provides highly advanced supercomputers and world-class services and support to government, industry and academia.