Crazy Horse Memorial

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Crazy Horse Memorial,

memorial to the Oglala Souix chief Crazy HorseCrazy Horse,
d. 1877, war chief of the Oglala Sioux. He was a prominent leader in the Sioux resistance to white encroachment in the mineral-rich Black Hills. When Crazy Horse and his people refused to go on a reservation, troops attacked (Mar.
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 and Native Americans, under construction at Thunderhead Mt., near Custer, S.Dak., in the Black HillsBlack Hills,
rugged mountains, c.6,000 sq mi (15,540 sq km), enclosed by the Belle Fourche and Cheyenne rivers, SW S.Dak. and NE Wyo., and rising c.2,500 ft (760 m) above the surrounding Great Plains; Harney Peak, 7,242 ft (2,207 m) above sea level, is the highest point in the
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. When finished it will consist of an equestrian statue of Crazy Horse, 563 ft (172 m) high and 641 ft (196 m) long, carved in the round out of the mountainside; it will be the largest statue in the world. Work on the memorial was begun in 1948 by American sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski (1908–82) at the invitation of Lakota Chief Henry Standing Bear; it is expected to be finished in the mid-21st cent.
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Only half an hour away from Mt Rushmore is the much more impressive Crazy Horse Memorial, featuring Lt.
The final day of the seminar will be capped by a special night blast at the Crazy Horse Memorial on September 6 for all attendees.
Many of the most intriguing and beautiful attractions in America are located in the Black Hills National Forest, with five national parks and monuments, including the inspirational Mount Rushmore National Memorial and the visionary Crazy Horse Memorial.
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We'd had our first look at mountain sculpture earlier at the Crazy Horse Memorial, which was started seven years after Mount Rushmore was finished, but now, 58 years later, is still being worked on.
Postal Service kick-starts the 66th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally by dedicating the American Motorcycle commemorative postage stamps just prior to the Mayor's ride to the Crazy Horse Memorial.
Since the first dynamite blast on Thunderhead Mountain in June 1948, millions of people have come to watch the progress of what will be the world's largest mountain carving--the Crazy Horse Memorial.
The region is also home to the Crazy Horse Memorial and seven other national and state parks, where hiking, biking, camping, and rock-climbing opportunities abound.
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