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Construction Specifications Canada (CSC)

A nonprofit organization devoted to the standardization of construction documents in Canada; used in both the private and public sectors. The MasterFormat has been adopted as the basis for a numbering and titling system for the Canadian National Master Specification (NMS). Head office: 120 Carlton St., Toronto ON M5A 4K2, Canada.


(1) (Card Security Code) A three-digit or four-digit number printed on the front or back of credit cards for security purposes. Called "Card Verification Value" (CVV) by Visa, "Card Validation Code" (CVC) by MasterCard and "Card Identification (CID) by American Express and Discover, the number is requested by merchants to ensure that people actually have the card in their possession. The CSC is also written into the magnetic stripe.

(2) (Common Short Codes) See short code.

(3) (Compact System Camera) See mirrorless camera.
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However, we also ask for our passengers' understanding on the need for credit card verification.
Requiring credit card verification, and charging a fee to post in this category raises accountability to a point where we expect few illicit ads will remain," says Buckmaster.
Credit Card Verification provides robust consumer authentication and confirms the presence of a specific credit card account on a consumer's credit report.
Eighty-nine percent of Level 1 respondents retain credit card expiration dates, and 72 percent retain credit card verification codes versus 71 percent and 74 percent respectively of Level 2 respondents.
Previously, these stores connected directly to the credit authorizers for credit card verification and to the central corporate data center for inventory updates and other retail processes by dial-up modem.
Shopping Cart will validate and authorize the consumer's credit card number, expiration month and year and, as an option, the credit card verification code.
Consumer verification only * Credit card verification only * Consumer verification along with credit card verification * Online interactive challenge questions with the consumer
With a particular emphasis on providing broadband access to the enterprise market through its DIRECWAY brand, HNS' products provide businesses with a large number of geographically dispersed locations, such as retail chains, gas stations, restaurants, banks and other financial institutions, with reliable, scalable and cost effective applications such as credit card verification, inventory tracking and control and video teleconferencing.
com, is prepared to beta test its Short Message Service (SMS) wireless credit card verification technology in Brazil.
Other data applications include remote automatic bank teller machine control, automatic credit card verification systems, and ticket reservation systems.
Instant credit card verification and fraud-prevention is provided by Authorize.

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