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The lignite sample collected on the 2001 visit to the pit (P37974) yielded definitive, though sparse evidence for a Cretaceous age.
The Whiskey Gap property in Alberta is underlain by a series of fluvial sandstones of Cretaceous age similar to sandstones which host significant roll front Uranium deposits.
The well encountered a significant accumulation of light oil in the Lower Cretaceous age pre-salt sequence, passing through an hydrocarbon column of 420 metres.
The criteria for targeting the coal permit applications were: initial proximity to the recent coal discovery made by Goldsource, and strategically accumulating favourable cretaceous age coal hosting geological stratigraphy identified by Goldsource, and aggressively applying for ground that covered favourable cretaceous age coal hosting geological stratigraphy identified with the Adamas Coal Discovery west of the Goldsource discovery; this area being known only to North American Gem Inc.
The property is underlain by Dagua Group fine-grained layered qaurtzites (siliceous clastic sediments) of Cretaceous age.
The Cretaceous age Mancos Formation (the Mancos or the Mancos Shale ) is stratigraphically equivalent to the Niobrara Formation in northeast Colorado, as well as, the Eagle Ford Formation in south Texas, both of which are two of the largest unconventional shale resources plays in the world.
As reported in NR-24, this area consists of a granitic stock intrusive into Cretaceous age sediments forming a domal feature.
The concession is also located between the giant Ramadan field (550 MMBO) and the Saqqara field (80 MMBO) both of which produce light oil from the Lower Cretaceous age Nubia sandstones which are the primary development targets within this concession.
The well will also be testing the deeper prospective reservoirs of Upper Cretaceous age such as the Abiod.
Shallow horizons are being interpreted first and a series of channel sand complexes have been identified in the Gething Formation of Cretaceous Age at an approximate depth of 3,300 ft.
The western side of the concession is underlain by a thin cover of sedimentary rocks of uppermost Cretaceous age.
The East Gilbertown field produces from the Eutaw Sands of cretaceous age and the Selma Chalk.