Criminal Records

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Criminal Records


the methods and means used in crime prevention and detection to file identifying characteristics of objects and persons and to preserve and organize information on objects and persons.

The information required for criminal records is usually compiled in card files; physical objects may also be collected for future examination and reference. The data contained in criminal records are used by the agencies of investigation and of the court in the identification of objects and the search for suspects. Criminal records are compiled for criminals, persons held in custody, missing persons, unidentified bodies, animals, inanimate objects, and facts concerning crimes. Criminal records of people are filed according to questionnaire data, physical characteristics, and fingerprint patterns.

Material evidence available from criminal records includes fingerprints, bullets and cartridge cases found at the scenes of unsolved crimes, stolen and confiscated articles, and stolen, confiscated, and recovered firearms.

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46) See, eg, Criminal Records Act 1991 (NSW) s 10 (offences committed by children lapse after three years); Annulled Convictions Act 2003 (Tas) s 6(2)(b) (lapses after five years).
In sum, if protection from discrimination on the basis of criminal record is not provided, people with criminal records who cannot find legitimate work may resort to illegal activities or will rely on social assistance to support themselves, both of which cost all taxpayers and have other negative consequences for everyone.
But arrests of those without criminal records soared from 4,242 to 10,845--a jump of more than 150 percent.
But even a perfectly "accurate" system would suffer from the problem that most illegal behavior is never detected, let alone punished; criminal records are only a rough proxy.
They are investigating claims that MSP Sandra White was wrongly told a constituent had a serious criminal record by an officer.
Canadian travellers with a criminal record who attempt to cross the U.
The counter has been networked with the Criminal Records System at the Interior Ministry and the handprint section at the Emirates Identity Authority.
An unreasonable use of criminal records likely affects more black job applicants, shows a Chicago Reporter analysis of Illinois Department of Corrections records.
Education leaders today said the convictions highlighted the importance of Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks.