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One dissenting judge (Justice Weaver) said it simply: the intentional and criminal acts exclusion "plainly and unambiguously excludes coverage under these facts since bodily injury can reasonably be expected to result when, without first determining that a gun is unloaded, a person points the gun at another person and pulls the trigger.
That endorsementis not among the overt or criminal acts described in Section 1(d) of RA 7080 which, if in a 'combination or series,' is the 'heart of the Plunder Law,'' it added.
We condemn this Israeli criminal act in Kafr Malik.
In a similar move yesterday, the Iranian Embassy in Beirut in a statement also condemned the criminal act.
The action was carried out with the goal to confirm certain operational information on possible criminal acts but is of greater importance that nothing was found," Kotevski said.
Earlier, the GCC Secretary General condemned strongly the explosion, describing it as a criminal act.
Calling it a criminal act and a serious violation of all norms of decencies and humanity, the Leader of the Opposition has expressed surprise that no concrete steps have been taken either by the federal government or higher judiciary since the incident took place to bring the perpetrators to justice.
Perpetrators of this reckless and wanton criminal act have no regard for human life and deserve life sentences,'' Antonovich said.
Paris -- The French parliament has introduced legislation that will make it a criminal act to make comments in public that are deemed offensive to homosexuals and others such as bisexuals and transvestites.
Supreme Court decision involving a tax protester some years ago and is consistent with our view that intentionality must underlie a criminal act.
Zaid bin Ali Al-Dukan condemned criminal acts conducted by the Houthi militias and deposed Saleh, in Yemen, which culminated in the latest criminal act that targeted Makkah with a ballistic missile, in the night of yesterday.
Doha, July15 (BNA): The State of Qatar has expressed its strong condemnation and denunciation of the heinous criminal act, which took place in the French city of Nice, killing more than 84 people and injuring dozens of innocent civilians, including women and children.