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a. a vivid red colour, sometimes with a purplish tinge
b. (as adjective): carmine paint



a red dye extracted from the bodies of wingless female cochineal insects. Carmine, a complex organic carminic acid, is extracted from the insects with hot water and acetic acid. It is soluble in water and alkalies. One gram of carmine is obtained from 150-175 insects. Carmine is used as a food coloring and a cosmetic dye. It is also used to stain microscopic specimens.

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At a slightly deeper vertical depth, the Crimson Lake Cardium wells in the quarter averaged approximately $2.
But several tense minutes were spent thinking through the consequences of bonding with the women of the village over Crimson Lake or Buttercup Baby, only to find that nail polish is considered to be the devil's spawn or at the very least the mark of a harlot and that my actions are punishable by death.
First Star also announces that it has completed the farmout of its interest in a deep foothills gas prospect near Strachan, Alberta, previously code named Alpha or Crimson Lake.