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see KörösKörös
or Hármas Körös
[Hung.,=triple Körös], Rom. Criş, river, c.345 mi (560 km) long, formed in E Hungary by the junction of three headstreams that rise in Transylvania, NW Romania.
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, river, Romania.
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The CRI designation program is widely recognized as the gold standard for commercial real estate professionals, and provides students with a multidisciplined curriculum that challenges and validates a candidate's knowledge, practical experience, education and ethical conduct required
Born in Western Spain, Cris served in the army and later studied history at Newcastle University.
The CRIS fixed-form measure was developed from the full CRIS scale item sets to provide a briefer alternative to administration of the entire CRIS item set.
SADDLING UP: Cris Langton, left, daughter, Tanya and granddaughters Georgia Langton, right, and Charlotte Welton with some of their ponies (AC050211Bride)
Cris is also using the trip to raise funds for the next phase of the project and Cancer Research
As a choreographer this time, rather than a performer, Cris has been responsible in part for reuniting seven of the original Chippendales in a new show, Here Come The Boys.
The Matrix-style finale sees Cris create multiple versions of himself to outwit the gang.
Cris has come to the attention of the FBI because they are on the track of a nuclear bomb that has been brought into the U.
Based on The Golden Man, a short story by sci-fi icon Phillip K Dick, the plot centres on Las Vegas conjurer Cris Johnson (Cage) who, since he was a boy, has been cursed with the ability to glimpse a few minutes into the future.
Broad Lane Leisure, which has a branches in Leamington and Rugby, has scooped the 2007 CRiS Dealer of the Year Award, which recognises first class customer service.
Despite canoodling with Jodie Marsh in a trendy London club a couple of weeks ago, Cris Judd has made it clear heOs still not over ex-wife Jennifer Lopez.