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The stories vary from how he knew when someone was going to die ("a dull, waxy, yellowish light accumulates around those who are about to die") to his horrific descriptions of the Shriners Burn Institute, which the residents, in an effort to distance themselves from the small suffering bodies, nicknamed Crispy Critters.
The crispy critters were served with a lemon wedge and accompanied by a chunky, moderately spicy red sauce.
With squished amphibians, defunct cows and gophers skewered into crispy critters, it's probably not going to get an RSPCA endorsement, but while making points about racism, poverty and politics, the mood is essentially the same bluegrass comedy as Raising Arizona, Clooney in spirited self-mocking form, Turturro and Nelson ripping it up as dumb stooges.
Guess right and the bad guys become crispy critters.