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Officials acknowledged that "hostile foreign states and others" had targeted the systems controlling the UK's critical national infrastructure such as power and water supplies.
US Defence Secretary Leon Pannetta has said the threat of co-ordinated cyber attacks against critical national infrastructure could unleash an attack akin to a "cyber Pearl Harbour".
Brown said adopting a largely military approach to cyber security was a mistake, as most targets in the critical national infrastructure, such as communications, energy, finance and transport, were in the private sector.
Summary: Britain's critical national infrastructure faces a "real and credible" threat of cyber attack, the head of GCHQ has warned.
Other 2009 achievements include the introduction of Gulf Logistics and Naval Support, a new joint venture with the UK's BAE Surface Fleet; the commencement of a fast interceptor boat contract for the Abu Dhabi Critical National Infrastructure Authority; and major commercial jobs for major companies such as ADNOC, Boskalis, Zakher Marine, National Marine Dredging Company, Abu Dhabi Terminals, and Damen, among others.
March 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- ARES Corporation, the leading provider of intelligent security optimization solutions for nuclear facilities, maritime ports, critical national infrastructure, and homeland defense, today announced the immediate availability of AVERT version 5.
Abu Dhabi: The Critical National Infrastructure Authority (CNIA) has signed two agreements totalling Dh767 million with Advanced Integrated Systems PLC.
Paller expressed his concern that such tactics could be used against organizations within the critical national infrastructure.
MITIE was awarded the contract due its technology-led approach based on MiTec (its advanced technology centre which provides remote security), its ability to operate efficiently through its MiTSM and eLearning platforms and also the company s specialist knowledge of the Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) and defence sector.
Abu Dhabi: The Critical National Infrastructure Authority (CNIA) of the UAE said on Monday it had signed a Dh460 million contract under which the Abu Dhabi Ship Building (ADSB) will supply 34 sixteen-metre fast interceptor vessels.
StormFront shows a lot of promise for addressing security needs on legacy applications that are part of the critical national infrastructure," said Ken Lam, technical director at Reality Based IT Services, Ltd.
In the next session, Hassan Fattah, Deputy Editor of The National; Professor Phil Taylor, Professor of International Communications at the University of Leeds in the UK, and a speaker from the UAE's Critical National Infrastructure Authority will take a closer look at the latest trends in international terrorism, with particular consideration for its impact on the Gulf region and the differing approaches to implementing improved homeland security.

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