Crockett, David

Crockett, (David) “Davy”

(1786–1836) frontier figure, U.S. representative; born near present-day Rogersville, Tenn. He was a poor farmer but an excellent hunter and scout. He served under General Andrew Jackson in the Creek War (1813–14). He was a justice of the peace and a Tennessee legislator, and served in the U.S. House of Representatives (Dem., Tenn.; 1827–31, Whig, Tenn.; 1833–35). With little formal education, he was not especially well informed on public issues and he was always ready to take a break from public service to go bear hunting. He made a celebrated tour of the major northern cities (1834). Failing in his re-election effort in 1834, he went to Texas to aid the Anglo-Americans in their struggle for independence. He was killed in the defense of the Alamo.
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