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1. A vaulted basement of a church or secret passage, often wholly or partly below ground level.
2. A crypt.
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Kelly McLintock and Steven Crofts with friends and relatives after the weedding
Mr Crofts, described as "genuine, loving and funny" by his parents, began dating Miss Holmes, from Birkenhead, three weeks ago.
Mrs Crofts said: "I think they went paddling and something has gone wrong.
Mr Crofts, who is studying to become a psychiatrist, has a two-year-old daughter, Eva, from a previous relationship.
Mrs Crofts said: "Robbie adores Eva - his whole world revolves around her.
Robbie Crofts with Eva Friends release lanterns at New Brighton in the early hours of this morning in tribute to Hayley Holmes and Robbie Crofts Picture: ANDREW TEEBAY/at310811dlanterns-1 Passers-by stop to read tributes left to Hayley Holmes, left, on the shore at New Brighton
Mold Crown Court was told Crofts had now moved out of the cul-de-sac and was living in a caravan at his sister's property.
Judge John Rogers QC said that it was now time that Crofts served a prison sentence.
Crofts, who entered the dock with a stick and sporting a pony tail with the sides of his head shaved, was warned that he had to understand that if he did not change his ways in future and continued to cause distress to neighbours wherever he lived, he would again go back to prison.
He also cited a bizarre incident when a police officer was at the victims' home taking a statement of complaint, when Crofts walked passed their home repeatedly chanting "informers" and half singing "rabbit, rabbit, yap, yap.
When Mr McKenzie was one day busy running aerial wire from the loft into the kitchen he heard Crofts saying loudly that he was probably putting up cameras to watch them having sex.
On one occasion Mrs McKenzie was arriving at the house when Crofts adopted an aggressive stance and walked directly at her, turning away at the last moment, leaving her extremely frightened.