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1. A vaulted basement of a church or secret passage, often wholly or partly below ground level.
2. A crypt.
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Kelly and Steven pictured with the groom's parents Neil and Anne Crofts
he bride, and Joshua Crofts, page boy Kelly and Steven with Natasha McLintock, bridesmaid and daughter of tand son of bride and groom
The inquest was told there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding Hayley's death and a post mortem on Robbie Crofts indicated the cause of his death was "consistent with drowning".
Her fully-clothed body was lying near a pair of trainers believed to belong to Mr Crofts.
At a press conference last Friday, his mum Ellen Crofts, 60, said: "We won't give up on you, Robbie - we love and miss you so very much.
More than 500 families, many of them yuppies, are turning their backs on the city lights and have registered on a waiting list for crofts.
But commission spokesman Brian Macdonald said: "Demand far outstrips supply and there are just enough crofts to go round.
But Cov were adamant that Crofts would be held to his contract and today Cov chairman Keith Fairbrother said: "Lee is staying with us - there was a misunderstanding between Lee and myself which has now been resolved to our mutual satisfaction.
Crofts said: "I am just happy that I can get on with playing my rugby, I am now looking forward to pre-season training and to the first game against Ulster on August 11.
As searches continued yesterday along the Wirral coast, with police deploying all available resources, Mrs Crofts spoke of her belief that her son is alive.
Crofts was also made the subject of a criminal ASBO under which hemust not approach his victims, Gordon and Julie McKenzie, for the next 10 years.