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Crome, John,

1768–1821, English landscape painter, b. Norwich. Crome was the principal painter of the Norwich school. He is often called Old Crome to distinguish him from his son who painted in the same manner but with less mastery. He was born into poverty but rose to the position of a provincial landscape painter, earning his living by giving drawing lessons and selling an occasional picture. Crome's work was influenced by Gainsborough and by the Dutch masters. His landscapes are notable for simplicity and serenity. Beautiful examples are to be seen in many British galleries and private collections. Mousehold Heath and Poringland Oak are in the National Gallery, London. The Metropolitan Museum has The Old Oak and Hautbois Common. Crome's etchings were published after his death under the title Norfolk Picturesque.


See studies by R. H. Mottram (1931) and D. and T. Clifford (1968).

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Although women figure only briefly in the concentration camp narrative, they did participate in the camp resistance network, Crome shows them to have been active in the opposition during the early Nazi years, and they were sometimes imprisoned (as Helen was).
Nancy is a high-flying, ambitious detective sergeant who works for the National Crime Division, a fictional police unit in London," says Crome of the role.
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In the 1563 edition, the account of Askew's martyrdom was preceded by accounts of the martyrdoms of John Kirby and Roger Clerk in Ipswich in 1546, the recantation of Edward Crome (1546), the execution of Peter Sapience in Paris in 1545, the persecution in Calais (1540-1543), the providential punishments of Lord Lisle and others responsible for the persecution in Calais (1540-1542), the assassination of Cardinal David Beaton in 1546 (another example of divine retribution on a persecutor), and the penance imposed on William Button, a crossbowmaker of Calais, for anticlerical remarks made in 1539 (1563, 654-69).
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