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a machine or device for atomizing and applying liquid pesticides in the form of solutions, suspensions, and emulsions of varying concentration to plants for the purpose of controlling pests, diseases, and weeds. Sprayers are also used for insect control in buildings.

There are various types of sprayers for treating field crops, orchards, and vineyards. The spraying mechanism may be hydraulic, fan, or aerosol. There are portable sprayers, horse-drawn sprayers, tractor-drawn sprayers (mounted or trailer) and sprayer planes. In hydraulic sprayers, the toxic liquid chemical is fed by pressure to nozzles, in which it is atomized and discharged onto the object being treated. In fan sprayers, the toxic chemical is atomized in nozzles and then expelled by a jet of air onto the object being treated. In some sprayers the stream of air also splits the chemical into even smaller particles.

The basic components and mechanisms of a sprayer are a tank with a stirrer to mix the chemical, a pump to create the pressure necessary to atomize the liquid and give its particles a certain velocity, a fan (in fan sprayers), a hose, a pressure regulator, atomizing nozzles, and a suction cock for reloading the sprayer. A pressure gauge monitors the degree of compression of the liquid. The working elements of tractor-drawn sprayers are driven by a takeoff shaft of the tractor engine. Portable sprayers are operated manually, and horse-drawn sprayers are operated manually or by a special engine. The sprayers on planes are operated by a vane mounted on the aircraft.


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For two decades, field crop sprayers have been able to buy electronic controllers to adjust the output of their sprayer according to forward speed and desired application rate.
The rulings prohibit Hoffmann from selling, marketing, or displaying to any third party, its self propelled high clearance agricultural crop sprayer.
People in astronaut suits, looking like crop sprayers, coming to take sick people away, or their parents even worse; so you have that deep psychological impact, but also of course, children are themselves dying but not in great numbers fortunately, but we do see every few weeks as the numbers of people are falling ill and dying from Ebola, the numbers of orphans are rising.
2005) found pesticide residues in the field crop sprayers of farmers.
Mr White said: "All crop sprayers will need to be tested before November 26 2016 and thereafter at regular intervals, initially once every five years and then once every three years after 2020.
Through its two divisions, Great Plains and Land Pride, the company produces seed planting equipment, tillage equipment, crop sprayers, finish mowers, zero turn mowers, ultra terrain vehicles, rotary tillers and cutters, landscape seeding equipment and a number of dirt-working implements.
But she said a significant increase in the incidence of prostrate cancer was observed for pesticide applicators - a group that includes farm workers, crop sprayers, greenhouse workers and park keepers.
Applications include backhoe loaders, dump trucks, crop sprayers, baggage handling equipment, and cement mixers.
Steenwijk-headquartered Agrifac focuses on the business of providing crop sprayers as well as sugar beet and potato harvesters.
Applications for the PS760 series include backhoe loaders, dumper trucks, crop sprayers, telehandlers, mobile cranes, aircraft tugs, baggage handling equipment, ag tractors, articulated loading shovels, rough terrain forklifts and cement mixers.
Typical applications include backhoe loaders, dump trucks, crop sprayers, mobile cranes and baggage handling equipment.