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He said two cropmark sites "may represent evidence of now buried occupation sites of later prehistory or Roman periods".
They cover past and present landscapes, the Stone Age landscape, monuments, evaluation trenching of cropmark sites, managing the historical environment, and the landform element approach in practice.
Cream of the cropMark Johnson took part in a stomach-churning high-speed pursuit that led to career burglar Keith Baker being locked up for 10 years.
Work on the site is in its early stages, but Dr Wickstead said the tombs may contain human bones, while nearby there are cropmark traces of some larger circular enclosures, which may have been built at the same time as the prehistoric monument at Stonehenge, which is 15 miles away.
Aerial archaeologists across Britain hunt for cropmark discoveries every summer - but this is the first drought to have revealed such a wealth of archaeological treasures in Wales since 1976.
Full advantage" has been taken of the conditions which allowed hundreds of cropmark sites to be photographed from the air.
Given the promising conditions in the Lower Danube region, both for the survival of extant remains and for cropmark formation revealing buried structures, the research methodology has focused on the visual interpretation of aerial photographs and satellite imagery, either taken for the purpose of this project or available in imagery archives.
The cemetery was discovered by freelance archaeologist Steve Sherlock, who was investigating what was thought to be an earlier Iron Age site which had shown up as a cropmark on an aerial photograph.
Cropmark evidence also indicated an earth henge monument within the palisaded enclosure, surrounded by a timber circle some 45m in diameter (Figure 2, centre left).
Intriguingly, an aerial photograph dated 1971 shows a faint oval cropmark ditch near the location of the 'bump' or mound, presumably revealed by 'machining away' the 'bump' or mound.
For example, local informants and an air photograph imply the previous existence of an oval mound with a cropmark ditch round or near it (Jones, above, p.