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in law, material submitted to a judge or a judicial body to resolve disputed questions of fact. The rules discussed in this article were developed in England for use in jury trials.
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Following submission of report, the tribunal had summoned NADRA chairman and director general for cross examination.
The expert witness in Egan did not use the word authoritative; instead, the expert stated under cross examination that "he knew of [the] books" in question and agreed "that they were standard works on engineering subjects.
Dr Ali said the tribunal had summoned chairman Nadra and DG (Data) Nadra for recording their statements and cross examination in connection with NA-122 forensic report.
Singh also shared some details of the cross examination with the doctor, wherein the defence counsel raised doubts on whether the victim was brought to the hospital dead or alive.
Thomas Anderson, a Westinghouse Marketing Director, testified under cross examination that despite being accused of fraud by the owners of the Beaver Valley Nuclear Plant that Westinghouse still wanted the revenue its customers spent on a variety of services for the plant.
Ronald Latanision, Director of the Healey Corrosion Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a hired expert witness for Westinghouse Electric, spent a second day on the witness stand undergoing cross examination before a federal court jury in Pittsburgh.
Every once in awhile I find a situation where the potential of its technology is so outstanding that I do a lot of cross examination during my interview with the CEO to determine if my first impression is justified.
The SC has directed additional and sessions judge Chakwal to complete the cross examination process within 10 days and present report before it.
He agreed under cross examination that such a design would avoid the crevice problem.
Also, as opposed to making statements in its Consumer Reports magazine that are not subject to cross examination, its officials will now have to testify in open court.