cross fire

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cross fire

[′krȯs ‚fīr]
Interfering current in one telegraph or signaling channel resulting from telegraph or signaling currents in another channel.

cross fire, cross figure

A fiddleback grain pattern.

fiddleback, cross figure, cross fire, ripple figure

Abrupt, curly figures in wood, particularly maple and mahogany, caused by undulations in fiber alignment.
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John Healey, minister for local government, and co-chair of the London Regional Resilience Forum, said: "Many lessons have been learned since the tragedy of the King's Cross fire 20 years ago.
A London Underground spokesman said: ''We did not admit liability for the King's Cross fire but claimants just had to prove evidence of loss and damage.
Finally, Steinmetz describes and analyses five groups (or, more properly, since individuals move among groups, five "Ideal Types"): AIM (the American Indian Movement -- a militant group active on Pine Ridge for many years); Ecumenists I (a name invented by Steinmetz for people who compartmentalize their Christian and Traditional beliefs and practices); Ecumenists II (who hold that Christianity fulfills traditional Lakota religion); Cross Fire Native American Church (explicitly Christian in i ts forms of worship); Half Moon Native American Church (not explicitly Christian); and The Body of Christ (a fundamentalist group).
Staff Cross-Training Caught in Cross Fire," Modern Healthcare 21(18):26-9, May 6, 1991
In addition to participating as only one of two expert guests on CNN's Cross Fire, he also spent an hour as the lead guest on the "Cristina Show," at the time the world's most watched Spanish language talk show.
SG"), a leading Korean game developer, for publishing and operating Cross Fire 2 on an exclusive basis for a five-year term in mainland China.
As a result six alleged criminals identified as Tahir, Khudadad, Wali Muhammad, Saleem, Naseebullah and Manan were killed on the spot in cross fire.
6 and the cross fire was underway until last report was filed.
More than 100 people were taken to hospital after the King's Cross fire.
Two young Belfast tourists, caught in the cross fire as they left a disco, were also hit and wounded.
1 -- color) A donkey peers from behind a fence along Sand Canyon Road late Monday as the Cross Fire crests a ridge.
THE deaths of 13 youngsters in the New Cross fire remain a mystery, a second inquest decided yesterday.