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(cross rhythm), in music, the simultaneous use of two or more different rhythmic patterns. In general, “polyrhythm” means the combining of any rhythmic patterns. It was the norm for European polyphonic music, beginning with the 12th-century motet. In this general sense, polyrhythm includes the simplest rhythmic combinations (for example, quarter notes in one voice and eighth notes in the other), as well as compound rhythmic combinations, which are defined as polymetry.

In a specialized sense, polyrhythm is the vertical combination of rhythmic patterns characterized by the absence of the smallest unit of time common to all voices (for example, a combination of duplets and triplets, or triplets and quintuplets). This type of polyrhythm is characteristic of works by Chopin, Scriabin, A. Webern, and A. Berg.


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Counter-rhythms, syncopation, cross-rhythms, all kinds of movement she found to choreograph that was inherent in the song.
He is, like most good choreographers, extraordinarily prolific, and in some lesser works he seemed to be tied down to the metric measure of the music, eschewing the finer possibilities of dance rubato and even internal cross-rhythms.
Why not join in the fun making musical instruments from recycled materials, experimenting with sounds and decorating instruments, learning basic and cross-rhythms and taking part in a group performance?
2] He identified cross-rhythms with the overtone series, a concept borrowed from his one-time teacher, Henry Cowell.
37) to the dancing syncopations of `Ein heiBer Durst' or the triplet/dotted-duplet cross-rhythms of the aria `Aus Gnaden stellt sich Jesus off', both from no.
It is an incredible development, the use of computerized electronic instruments to create polyrhythms - and not just simple backbeats, but complex cross-rhythms of "found" (sampled) and "created" (programmed) sounds, creatively patched together like an aural quilt of musical scraps turned into a magic carpet of head-bopping motion.
His songs, which usually ride slogan like lyrics over a densely woven web of cross-rhythms, have titles like "Beasts of No Nation" (which deals with the way various governments abet South African repression) and "Just Like That" (a sneeringly witty list of Nigeria's current shortcomings).
The Coull String Quartet will engage in Joe's composition Ping, creating intricate cross-rhythms between table tennis players, string quartet and soundtrack.
Her touch is as evident in the perfectly choreographed cross-rhythms of five people squabbling over a Chinese dinner as it is in her handling of the complex and perilously knotted family ties.
The result is unashamedly folksy, but with distinctive indigenous Mersey cross-rhythms and harmonies.
Ligatures can indicate a concern for rhythmic groupings and cross-rhythms or text grouping.
The ballet itself with all its cross-rhythms and formal intricacies is a subtler, and I feel more satisfying, evocation of Petipa grandeur than Balanchine's Theme and Variations.