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an arrow having a four-edged head, fired from a crossbow

What does it mean when you dream about a quarrel?

A quarrel in a dream often suggests an inner conflict over ideas and values. Alternatively, one may feel burdened by a person in authority.


A small pane of glass, usually diamond-shaped or square-shaped and set diagonally; framed and held in place by slender, grooved strips of lead (cames).


If you are quarreling or arguing in your dream you may be experiencing some inner conflict. The quarrel may reflect your own inability to resolve important issues, ideas, or values. Most likely, you may be experiencing ongoing difficulty with making decisions, cannot accept authority, or you may have carried an argument from your daily life into your dream. Very old dream interpretation books say that quarreling is a dream of the contrary and that you will have peace and harmony with your loved ones.
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This year, they are offering a lighted nock for crossbow bolts.
A broken knife and a crossbow bolt were embedded in her severed head, which had been stuffed into a rucksack.
The inquest has heard he fired a number of crossbow bolts from a bedroom window of his rented terraced house as he angrily remonstrated with police.
The swan will undergo emergency surgery to have the crossbow bolts removed and is described as very poorly.
Just about every arrow manufacturer is now making crossbow bolts, with more than just a token effort.
The inquest has heard he indiscriminately fired a number of crossbow bolts from a bedroom window of his rented terraced house as he angrily remonstrated with police.
AN alleged double murderer threatened to shoot a drug debtor through the head with crossbow bolts, a court heard yesterday.
Mission also offers optional accessory packages that include an MX-3 Quiver, three customized Mission crossbow bolts and a Hawke scope of your choice.
Officer C said when he went into a garden backing on to Mr Richards house he was "aware" that crossbow bolts had been fired at unarmed colleagues.
Other animals to be shot with crossbow bolts (shown right) include a seagull in Rhyl, North Wales in March 2007; a three-year-old cat called Sooty
A crossbow and 10 crossbow bolts were among weapons recovered during a raid on an address in Navan.
ODAY 'S revelation that smugglers are firing crossbow bolts over the walls into Liverpool prison to deliver drugs and mobile phones to inmates is a deeply worrying one.