Crossing the Bridge

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Crossing the Bridge

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

The Wiccan Rite of Passage ritual performed at death. In a sense, Witches see the spirit of the deceased crossing a bridge from the physical plane to the spiritual. The ritual is performed to help the departed make that transition.

With the Wiccan belief in reincarnation, this is a celebration of the completion of another lifetime, with its attendant lessons and experiences.

The format of the ritual varies from one tradition to another. Some include a spiral dance connected to the palingenesis, or rebirth, theme. Others perform a ritual play, re-enacting (for example) the descent of the Goddess into the Underworld and her safe return.

The deceased is honored and survivors comforted, and as a celebration, there is feasting, singing and dancing.

References in classic literature ?
Before crossing the bridge which led to Zembin, he confided the fate of his own rear-guard now left in Studzianka to Eble, the savior of all those who survived the calamities of the Beresina.
Heavy bags and cargoes inside light vehicles shall be unloaded first when crossing the bridge to prevent further damage on the bridge.
But, instead of paying the PS616 in fines, Philip decided to appeal and sent a cheque to Merseyflow for PS56 - the amount for crossing the bridge at PS2 each way, for his 28 journeys.
Retired accountant Ian Taylor, from Penrhyn Bay, was slapped with a double fine after crossing the bridge twice while picking up his wife from Liverpool John Lennon Airport.
Abu Dhabi Police asked all motorists to be extra cautious and reduce speed while approaching and crossing the bridge.
A spokesperson for South Wales Fire and Rescue confirmed that two people had been crossing the bridge when one fell over the side by accident.
The toll for crossing the bridge in one direction amounts to EUR 6 for cars, EUR 37 for trucks weighing over 12 tonnes, EUR 18 for trucks weighing up to 12 tonnes, and EUR 25 for buses.
It may be mentioned that Najam Deen, Humaira Shaheen and Ibrahim, residents of Injra, drowned in the Swan river while crossing the bridge which collapsed.
This protective wall was erected alongside the bridge to facilitate the residents in crossing the bridge without any fear of slipping from the bridge but it has now gone worn out and only some signs of it are left there.
The design project includes widening the road to four lanes on a road cross a highway median and Directions Fabric crossing the bridge between.
The council said 20 HGVs were caught by the Safety Camera Partnership crossing the bridge last week and the drivers would be identified and issued with tickets.
After crossing the bridge, we pass the Coverbridge Inn on the left and follow the road to Spennithrope before crossing Ulshaw Bridge -which has a column with the date 1674 in the centre.