Crown Point

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Crown Point,

town (1990 pop. 1,963), Essex co., NE N.Y., on Lake Champlain. Crown Point is a summer resort on a historic site. A bridge there crosses the lake to Addison, Vt. The French began building Fort St. Frédéric in 1731. In the French and Indian WarsFrench and Indian Wars,
1689–1763, the name given by American historians to the North American colonial wars between Great Britain and France in the late 17th and the 18th cent.
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 the fort successfully resisted (1755–56) early English attacks but was demolished (1759) before the advance of Jeffery AmherstAmherst, Jeffery Amherst, Baron
, 1717–97, British army officer. He served in the War of the Austrian Succession and in the early part of the Seven Years War. In 1758 he was sent to America as a major general to lead the Louisburg campaign in the last of the French and
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. The British began a new fort, Fort Amherst (renamed Crown Point) in 1759. Early in the American Revolution, Crown Point was captured (May 12, 1775) by Seth WarnerWarner, Seth,
1743–84, hero of the American Revolution, b. Roxbury, Conn. One of the group who, under Ethan Allen, resisted the New York claim to the New Hampshire Grants (now Vermont), he was outlawed by New York authorities.
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 and a detachment of Green Mountain Boys, but it was abandoned (June 22, 1777) to Gen. John Burgoyne in the Saratoga campaignSaratoga campaign,
June–Oct., 1777, of the American Revolution. Lord George Germain and John Burgoyne were the chief authors of a plan to end the American Revolution by splitting the colonies along the Hudson River.
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. Crown Point Reservation, with a museum and ruins of colonial forts, is nearby.
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The Crown Point Pedestrian Viaduct is a nearly 600-foot (183-meter)-long concrete structure that carries a 7-foot (2-meter)-wide sidewalk and flanks the roadway, which loops approximately 270 degrees around the rocky point.
With our transportation network in this region, it makes sense for a company like Plasmatronics to be here," says Crown Point Mayor Dan Klein.
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The Vista House at Crown Point State Park - just east of Corbett and 24 miles east of Portland in the Columbia River Gorge - is not only a thing of beauty, it's a beautiful thing that was built 88 years ago for $100,000 and refurbished during the past five years for $4 million.
The 200,000 sq ft Crown Point first phase has already attracted tenants Swan Hattersley-Hartman and Single Source.
Crown Point began service in 1896, and has been in the Herbert and Dorothy Lewis family since 1954.
At Crown Point and Ticonderoga the Lake narrows, and forts were built here to protect passage along this route.
On October 9, 2003, President Bush spoke to the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce in Manchester, NH, to address how businesses, such as Crown Point Cabinetry, use of new tax laws are improving the economy and helping win the war on terror.
OPC 9330 Broadway 535BY Crown Point, IN 46307 (219) 662-5005
Helen DeLauro and the late Elliott DeLauro of Crown Point, Indiana, and Mrs.
When the French and Indian War broke out in 1755, Paine volunteered to serve as chaplain in the local militia, and accompanied the militia in the disastrous assault on Crown Point.
The station is located just northwest of Crown Point, IN and ties into the Vector Pipeline that provides access to both Canadian and Gulf of Mexico supply basins.