Crude Lead

Lead, Crude


lead with an admixture of other metals; obtained from smelting lead ores or ore agglomerates. The percentage of impurities in crude lead is 2-3 percent, rarely up to 10 percent. Usually copper and antimony are present in crude lead; less frequently, arsenic, tin, and bismuth; and sometimes zinc, nickel, and cobalt in small quantities. In addition to these, crude lead contains sulfides of lead, iron, and copper. Silver is almost always present; gold is often present. Crude lead is refined to obtain pure lead.

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The topics include the effect of velocity on the dispersion of pollutants in a hypothetical Arctic open-pit mine, an inventory of highly resolved temporal and spatial volatile organic compound emissions in China, the quality of the work environment at the shaft furnace of a crude lead tapping and refining facility, diffusive sampling of air pollutants in US basins with oil and gas development, and household air pollution in South African low-income settlements: a case study.
They recall some of those crude lead figures supposedly forged in Sardinia or England.
Sudamin has also agreed to continue supplying the crude lead produced at Duisburg to MIM's lead refinery at Northfleet, near London.
The lead Isasmelt process is a continuous two-stage process for the production of crude lead from concentrate.
At design capacity, the mine will produce 170K-mt/yr Zn concentrate and 100k-mt/yr crude lead containing 5M-oz Ag, with good potential to extend the mine life beyond the current 10-yr plan.